Isekai Strategy Game | Prologue

The wind swept across her face while volleys of cannon fire zipped overhead. With each breath, she took in the smell of hot sulfur that permeated the entire battlefield.

Her skin crawled. Balls of blackened iron dropped, a dozen at a time, over the mass of infantry before her. As if to stifle her own excitement from overflowing, she held tightly onto her arms and let out a heavy sigh.

This must be the first time, I've felt this satisfied since being trapped in this game.

Staring up into the cloudless sky, her vision blurred as the sunlight penetrated her eyes.

I remember it still, as clearly as if it was yesterday. I was in my room, ready to play the newest VR-MMORPG, Tales of the Empyrean. I slipped on my VR set, logged in, and created my character.

She looked down at her hands.

This character.

And before I knew it, I was already trapped. It must have been a few years since then. At this point, I can't event distinguish what's real from what's not. Am I dreaming? Am I really trapped in a game? Or was I whisked away into some parallel world?

Who can say?

Her lips stretched outwards, twisting into a malevolent grin.

But at this point, even that doesn't matter anymore. This noise, this fury, this excitement!

Shockwaves ripped through the ground, as the cannonballs smashed into the ground, and exploded into a million pieces. Thick shards of metal flew in every direction, carving through cloth or wood, or steel as surely as flesh and bone.

She spread her arms out wide. "This is what I live for!"

It was as though the devil himself had come to mock the folly of humans. Her laughter echoed across the plains and the hills, even as men fell before by the sword in their hundreds. Such was how she had come to be known as the Little Demon, Sylphia.


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